6.5 years and counting…

Our quest for getting into a home w/ a little bit of breathing room has been a 6.5 year journey.

And it’s not over.

You guys rallied around us, prayed for us, messaged us the most encouraging words when I shared on Facebook our situation of trying to move in this stage of our adoption- it was completely humbling.

The process of getting a mortgage has always been a nightmare for us since we’re landlords, self-employed, yada yada yada…  I’m too brain-tired and emotionally spent to go into all the details today, but the short version is that we finally heard back from the bank today and our answer was “no”. We’re perplexed, to be honest. It doesn’t make sense to us. But God’s very clearly shut the door and so we’re hunkering down where we are. And we wait.

We’ll move forward in the adoption, but we’ll need to navigate some weirdness in our home study. Our prayer is for patience, trust, and wisdom. And I’m banking on James 1:5.

I have adoption news to share- and it’s good and exciting! But I’m saving that for tomorrow.

In, through, and to Him…


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