One word: referral

The most exciting part of our adoption to date happened the last afternoon of 2013. We got Yuan Li’s referral. It means different things in our adoption than it does in a “normal” adoption. And I use the term ‘normal’ in a very loose way. No adoption is run-of-the-mill or like all others. But most times a family will decide to adopt, start the process, and wait for a referral so they can see if it’s the child they feel God’s pairing them w/. We did it a little backwards by already having Yuan Li “picked out” and working towards him specifically.

What makes the referral so exciting is that it’s the child’s entire history that the agency is knowledgeable of- how and when they became an orphan, where they are, who’s watching over them, their education, their medical history, everything. Our prayer for Yuan Li ever since I began advocating for him to get a medical visa was that he would have favor w/ God and man.

And y’all- he has it in spades.

God was answering that prayer long before we knew Yuan Li, long before we even knew to be praying it. He is overall healthy, aside from the special needs we’ll address when he’s here w/ us. He’s in a loving environment surrounded by people who have his best interests in mind and he is thriving as much as a boy w/out a mom and dad is capable of. Writing this all out is so good for my soul. I’m being reminded how sweet my Jesus is. Oh! And we have baby pictures! I’m counting down the days until I can share that sweet, chubby face w/ the world- and then show pictures of the handsome young man he’s becoming.

Yuan Li experienced his 7th birthday a couple of weeks ago and I hope there was a big celebration and he was made to feel like a prince on his day. We’re begging God the next one’s spent in our home, surrounded by people celebrating him and what God’s done. Lord, let it be.

Of, through, and to Him…


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