Simply put: Simplify.


it's okay to be happy with a calm life

2013 was my first year to have a word or a theme for the year and w/ not a lot of thought, and after (I confess) minimal praying, I settled on Redemption. Turns out it was pretty spot on since we began Yuan Li’s adoption in that time. December of last year came around and I started putting quite a bit more thought and prayer into what my word for 2014 would be and I got a resounding “Simplify and Organize”. Which, ironically, has kind of been pared down to just Simplify. Maybe I’ll work on the Organize portion next year.

So I’m almost halfway into the year w/ my simplify theme, and you know what? Things are different. Jon’s adopted it as well. Everything we do, every decision we make, is run through the filter of Simplify. Our calendar definitely looks different. But we’ve always tried hard at keeping a different calendar than is typical in Midland where we live. Have you ever read the quote “Stop the glorification of busy.”? I think it had to have been first said by someone living here. Between the two of us, we’ve stepped off 3 non-profit boards just in the last year. Social media feels different to me- I’m unfriending, unfollowing, and unliking like a champ. Now when I get on Facebook or Instragram I care about 70% of what’s in my feed instead of 10%, and I’m working on making that % even higher. I’m getting up in the morning and giving myself plenty of time w/ Jesus and a buffer window before having to put on my Mom hat. The way we’re eating is changing, albeit slowly. Even our relationships are different. I think I’ve given myself more freedom to turn off my filter w/ most people I’m around. That sounds like a bad thing, but it’s really not. Y’all, it’s exhausting to feel like you always have to be “on”. You know what I mean, Vern?

But in full confession, the part about simplifying that’s the hardest for me is… DUN DUN DUN… my home. I admit it. I hate clutter. I really do. So why the crap am I surrounding myself w/ it in the place that’s supposed to be my/our sanctuary? This is an everyday question for me. But I’m making baby steps and applying all the tips and tricks. I look at the stuff on my walls and countertops and ask myself if things fit w/in this parameter:

have nothing


And getting really honest about the kind of wardrobe that fits my lifestyle right now. Hello comfy maxi skirts and distressed boyfriend jeans w/ cardigans. Goodbye blazers, sparkly heels, and embellished tops that are too high maintenance to care for and so I only wear them once in a blue moon because they stay in the bottom of the hamper through innumerable laundry days. I’ve even cancelled 2 different hair appointments to go platinum since Jon argues that the maintenance doesn’t fit our theme. I’ll give him this one for now. But if my kids keep up their shenanigans I’ll end up platinum eventually, even if it’s just from all the grays overtaking my mousy brown head.

It really is a process and learning that I don’t have to have it down to a science RIGHT NOW has been so freeing as long as I’m doing something every day to get me closer to the goal.

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it.  The time will pass

I don’t know what the correlation is between cleaning out the junk drawer in the kitchen and having deeper friendships is, but somehow cutting out the clutter and implementing some much needed structure is changing me in the core of who I am. The timing of it all’s not lost on me as we gear up for a new season that we honestly have no idea what will be like. But we be getting all practical up in here, yo.

Of, through, and to Him…


p.s. If you have a tip for me, I’m all ears! (eyes?)

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