God Bless This Hizzle



*Nothing like writing a post about peace when my kids are driving me bat crap crazy and I’ve spent part of the day wishing they were old enough for me to banish to the backyard.*

When I was single and living on my own or w/ a roommate I strove for my home to be a place where people felt welcome to come over unannounced and chill enough to put their feet on the furniture. As I’ve gotten older and gone and gotten myself hitched, that desire has become a family goal and not just mine. Jon and I both want our place to be somewhere people can take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Whether they just need respite for an hour long talk on the deck over coffee or a full on multi-day recharge, we want to be available for that.

One of the many, many cool things about being married to Stepan is that I automatically inherited some amazing friends. Perfect example: Captain Dirty Pants and Mrs. Dirty Pants, aka The Captain and his Mrs., aka Dirty Pants and Mrs. Dirty, aka Jason and Ashlee Blacklock. When we were first married they lived in Kennedale, TX and we would stay at their place when we went out to the DFW.  No exaggeration- when I walked into their home I breathed in Peace and instantly felt at home. I even slept better in their home than I did in my own. Their place is forever etched in my brain and I’ll always be thankful for the role their family and their home played in some pretty stressful seasons of our lives. When I think of how I want my house to feel I think of Chez Blacklock.

The thing is, it shouldn’t just be a place of refuge for outsiders coming in- it needs to feel that way for our family in the everyday. Some of it comes naturally, but so much of it has to be intentional. We’re far from living in our dream home, but God’s faithfully chipped away at my bad attitude and discontent w/ where we are. Having that internal change has made a huge difference in the feel of our place and I’m learning hospitality goes beyond being able to give my guests their very own wing of our house. I’m not going to go all proverbial soapbox on you and get into spiritual roles, etc. the people under our roof are supposed to have, but the reality is  the tone of our home rests largely on me. And I fell flat on that for a long time.

We’re in the process of winding down one season (being a family of 4), and gearing up for the next (adopting an older child that has medical needs we’ll have to address, as well as his psychological/emotional needs). The magnitude of that’s not lost on me and it’s given me quite the wake up call. We have no idea what we’ll be dealing w/ when Yuan Li becomes a permanent part of our family. He seemed amazingly well adjusted and fully capable of bonding during our short time w/ him last summer, but I’ll be honest- we’re preparing for a curve ball. When we come back from China and all our lives are turned upside down, and they will be, I want to say that we are enveloped in a ridiculous peace that passes all understanding because we’ve created a habit of inviting the Giver of Peace into our home over and over and over again.

I’m no peace guru, but I believe in being realistic and practical about the pursuit of peace, and I believe what God says in his Word, so we’re cutting out the stress that we have any say over and I’m praying scripture like a maniac over our family, our home, and anyone who will come under our roof. For years, 2 Samuel 7 has been a place I could spend a ton of time and it’s become more and more relevant to me as I’ve gotten married and we’ve grown our family. And this is my prayer for our home:


Do you have bible verses posted up around your home? I’d love to hear what you’re posting and where!

In, through, and to Him-


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