So soon. But not.

It’s been quiet on the adoption front for a while as we wait for China to look at our life story bundled in a tidy stack of paper and tell us that they approve of our adopting Yuan Li. And I’ve had a weird level of disconnect from the adoption during this waiting period. But in the back of my mind I’ve started having the thought of “Get the calendar out and start getting your bearings.” I’m weird in the sense that I haven’t stalked the China adoption group forums or become internet BFFs with ladies on social media who are in the same boat as us. Sometimes I think I’ve missed out on some critical part of the adoption process by not being in on these things, but the reality is that stuff exhausts me while it fuels others.

So, I haven’t had a calendar where I’m marking off the weeks till we get him. But this morning I texted my friend Carrie who was waiting on her LOA (letter of acceptance from China) about this time last year to ask about their timeline. It was THIRTEEN WEEKS from the time they received LOA to meeting their daughter. Only thirteen weeks. There’s no reason at the moment to think that our timeline wouldn’t be fairly similar and our caseworker thinks we could get LOA this week. So hypothetically, if we got LOA from China this Wednesday we would travel to get our boy the week of February 16. (Which we wouldn’t actually do because the Chinese New Year falls on February 19 and the country all but shuts down while they celebrate for an extended time. So our hope’s that we would travel prior to that instead of waiting till after the holiday.)

Can I say that again? THIRTEEN WEEKS. It’s such a short time. But it’s such a long time. A short time because we have so much to still do in getting ready. (Like, you know, getting clothes and his room put together. Never mind the money we still need to raise.) A long time because so much life will happen in that time that we won’t be together with him. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year will happen. Magnus and Elliott will, hopefully, get to watch a snowfall out the window and we’ll drink hot chocolate in our pajamas. We’ll eat an ungodly number of bowls of my favorite chili and, hopefully, watch the Broncos play. We’ll gather with friends to watch the Superbowl. Yuan Li will celebrate a birthday. He’ll be celebrating it with the family he knows and who have loved him and celebrated him on January 16 all these past years. But it’s still not with us….  And our boy still has no clue we’re coming for him. But soon. As soon as we have that LOA there will be a package going across the world and he’s going to know then. So if you’re one of those that think of us and our adoption over the next few weeks, will you pray for us? For Yuan Li’s heart as he learns the news that we’re fighting for him and coming for him- that he’s going to have a family that he belongs to and we belong to him. For us that our hearts will be prepared, too. And that we would use our time wisely and it would be productive.


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