Hi all!

I’m Sarah: wife, momma, Jesus lover, sometimes a creative, homebody, extrovert-turned-somewhat-of-an-introvert (didn’t know that was even possible), admittedly awkward, and Midland TX resident. I’m a closet Sonic vanilla creme coke addict. Secret’s out now. I’m way more witty, dry, and sarcastic in my head than what makes it out of my mouth.

My hubs, Jon, and I were married the summer of ’07 after 1 (technical) month of dating and 3.5 months of being engaged. We were friends that God told to get married and I wouldn’t trade how it happened for any other story. Gosh, I love that man. We have 2 kids under our roof, one by adoption and the other was our belly baby. We’re also in the process of adopting an older boy w/ medical needs from China.

I like things that look pretty, neutral colors and good lighting, growing herbs, watching TV, seafood, being outdoors, the smell of the Rocky Mountains, coffee before the kids get up, IKEA, my bed, photography, and pecan pie.

I love my Hubs, my kids, adoption and the picture it portrays of God and us, meeting people and introducing them to my other people, and dry humor.

We’re in a really intentional season of simplifying as we go through our first international adoption. We’re pretty drama free, but I can be a hot mess sometimes, so there’s that…

I love, love, LOVE meeting new people so be sure to say hi!

I'd love to hear from you!

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